Restrictions are easing and there's a reason people are flocking to Soul365. With more than 70 classes scheduled each week, let us help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Grab a free trial today or take advantage of our 3 weeks for $70 intro offer!

Unlimited access from $42/week

We’re all about putting soul into your life 365 days a year. We want to see you happy and healthy. We do things a little differently round here. Joining will give you access to our gym, coffee bar, Infrared Sauna and a wide range of classes. We can't wait to see you...

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Wide range of class options

Our classes are different. They’re not your average skill strength and conditioning 60 min type classes. We have yoga flow’s with so much soul you’ll leave walking on a cloud. Soul spin with high rpm’s and equally high calorie burning madness. Our mixed modality classes...

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Bringing together our love of fitness & coffee

We’re a down to earth bunch, passionate about what we do and love nothing more than to see you win! We’re all about achieving the best version of ourselves and we want the same for you. A healthy and fit body equals a healthy and fit mind, all done with Soul 365 days a year.

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Release from gravity

There is no easier way to achieve a state of complete and utter relaxation. Inside the float tank, 350kg of pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salt is dissolved in 30 cm of water warmed to skin temperature (34.9)…

Float tank benefits

  • Decrease in recovery time
  • Decrease in cortisol
  • Increase in energy
  • Lowered heart rate
  • Faster healing
  • Increased visualisation potential
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